GermBlitzer - Hand Sanitizer Wristband

A Closer Look at GermBlitzer

Wristband sanitizer

Sprays hand sanitizer with a single pump. Easy, portable, no need to carry hand sanitizer bottles or wipes. Refillable sanitizer capsules with comfortable wristband.


Protection on the go

Germs are everywhere.

  • Inside shops and offices
  • At restaurants and cafes
  • At crosswalks
  • On public transportation

Consumers need protection on the go. The GermBlitzer wristband sanitizer is an easy way to keep hand sanitizer at the ready.


GermBlitzer has been designed for convenience. The lightweight device is slightly smaller than a sports watch. 


A refillable capsule holds sanitizer and fits onto the casing held on the wristband. The casing and button can be customized with brand colors and logos. 


The capsule ships empty to avoid duties on alcohol products. Supplied with a syringe and inlet gasket it allows a 3rd party or a consumer to fill with a sanitizer product of their choice. 

Profitable Partnerships

Become a GermBlitzer wholesale partner or license the IP

There are four ways to partner with us.


Order wholesale quantities of 50,000 or more.


Customize GermBlitzer with your logo and color.


Manufacture and sell GermBlitzer with royalties paid to Invaluable Inventions.

04 OWN the IP

Buy the GermBlitzer intellectual property and branding outright.


Material: Silicon, polyurethane.
Size: One size fits all.
Color: Wide range of options including customizable color and logo printing.

Request for quote.

Refillable wristband hand sanitizer.

Available now for pre-order trade orders only,
minimum order 50,000 units.

Order quantity: Wholesale cost per unit:
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50,000 $4.00 £3.05 €3.37
100,000 $3.75 £2.86 €3.16
200,000 $3.55 £2.70 €2.99
500,000 $3.25 £2.48 €2.74
1,000,000 $3.00 £2.28 €2.53
(* estimate, exchange rate correct at 6 November 2020)

Shipping not included, import and export taxes assessed separately.

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